M.Tech Admission Details

Update 21th July 2018: The next round (Round 6) of MTech-TA (2 Year) Selections will be held on 26th July 2018. The shortlist can be seen here. The shortlisting criteria is mentioned here. Shortlisted candidates will receive the interview call email today.

Update 21th July 2018: We are planning to hold one more round of MTech-TA (2 Year) interviews on 26th July 2018. Shortlisted candidates will receive an email shortly. Please keep checking this space for updates.

Update 21st July 2018: The shortlist for MTech (RA) interviews (Second Round) to beheld on 26th July 2018 is here. The shortlisting information is in this link.

Update 20th July 2018: We are planning to hold one more round of MTech (RA) interviews on 26th July 2018. Shortlisted candidates will receive an email shortly. Please keep checking this space for updates.

Update 15th July 2018: Results of selection round for One-Year MTech program is listed here.

Update 10th July 2018: Students selected for 3-Year MTech RA positions are listed here. List of students selected for Sponsored category is here. Selected candidates have been sent emails with details of the next steps to be followed.

Update 8th July 2018: Next (5th) round of offers for 2-Year MTech (MTech-TA) positions is listed here. Selected candidates have been sent emails with details of the next steps to be followed.

Update 2nd July 2018: The extended (final) shortlist for 3-Year MTech (MTech-RA) is uploaded here. The candidates who are included in this extended shortlist (and were not in the earlier shortlist) will receive an email from cse_mtech_admissions@iith.ac.in. The shortlisting criteria is mentioned in this link.

Update 2nd July 2018: We will have interrviews for the 2-Year MTech program (MTech-TA) on 5th July 2018. The list of shortlisted candidates can be seen here. For more information on the shortlisting, see this link. The shortlisted candidates are sent email from cse_mtech_admissions@iith.ac.in.

Update 28th June 2018: After fourth round of offers for MTech TA positions through COAP, the unfilled seats (if any) will be filled up through interviews. The interviews will be held on 5th July 2018 at IIT Hyderabad campus. The shortlist of candidates called for interviews will be uploaded here on 30th June/1st July 2018.

Update 28th June 2018: The 1st shortlist for MTech RA and Sponsored MTech positions is here. The interviews will be held on 6th July 2018 at IIT Hyderabad campus. We may upload a extended shortlist i.e. the second shortlist on 30th June/1st July 2018.

Update 3rd April 2018: The written test and interview for the M.Tech admission will be conducted on 5th-6th July 2018
Update 2nd April 2018: We are currently accepting applications for the M.Tech programme. Apply here. The last date is extended to 20th April 2018 (4pm IST).  


The CSE department at IIT Hyderabad invites outstanding candidates to join us for the Masters of Technology (M.Tech.) programme in Computer Science (CS) or Machine Learning (ML). The M. Tech. programme at IIT-H provides ample opportunities for students to explore both research and development skills. The advanced and specialized courses provide deeper insights into various subjects in Computer Science and Engineering, while the M. Tech. thesis allows you to go deeper into a topic of your interest by joining exciting research projects of the young faculty in the department. The M. Tech. in CS will prepare you both for sought-after industry jobs, or for a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering. The M. Tech programme in ML is designed to address the significant move towards machine learning methods in academia and industry.  IIT-H has its vision firmly entrenched in being a cradle for invention and innovation, and has already established partnerships with international partners, especially in Japan, since its inception in 2008. The CSE Department at IIT-H is active in research areas including theoretical computer science, algorithms, graph theory, networking, distributed systems, compilers, big data analytics, data mining, machine learning, and image/video processing. It has large active funded research projects in the application domains of cyber-physical systems, converged cloud radio access networks, and data analytics. While the standard M.Tech programme spans 2 years, the 3-year M.Tech programme is research-focused and allows students to work on sponsored research projects, thus focusing on research every semester, along with the coursework.


The candidate must have:

  • A 4-year B.Tech./B.E. degree in any engineering discipline or an MSc/MS/MCA degree in CS/IT/Maths, and have an excellent academic record. Candidates having professional qualifications recognized by AICTE, like AMIE, are also eligible to apply.

  • The candidate should have demonstrated adequate background in computer science (Valid GATE score in CS/IT)


The CSE department does not offer a part-time M. Tech. program. Admission to the M. Tech. program is solicited in three categories:

  • 2-year M.Tech in CS/ML with Teaching Assistantship (TA)
  • 3-year M.Tech in CS with Research/Project Assistantship (RA)
  • Sponsored M.Tech (2-year/3-year), where the candidate’s employer sponsors the expenses for the program


The intake for 2-year M.Tech happens only once a year (for the July semester), while the intake for the 3-year MTech and the Sponsored MTech typically happens twice a year (for the July and January semester).

  • Admission to the 2-year M.Tech with TA is guided primarily by GATE score cut-offs and follow-up interviews, as required. Admission to the 3-year M.Tech and Sponsored M.Tech programs is based on an entrance exam followed by interviews for shortlisted candidates. Interviews test the candidates on standard topics in a Computer Science syllabus (data structures, programming, theory of computation, algorithms, networking, OS, DBMS, etc). Valid GATE scores are highly recommended, but not mandatory for the Sponsored category. Students in the 3-year M.Tech program complete the same amount of coursework as 2-year M.Tech students, but are additionally involved in sponsored research projects and get sufficient time in each semester to work on research.
  • M.Tech students (TA/RA) receive a stipend as per MHRD (Govt. of India) or research project guidelines.
  • The department also has the provision for students in the M.Tech programme to convert to Ph.D during the course of the programme.
  • As an exception to the admissions for the 2-year M.Tech programme, B.Tech/MSc/MS/MCA students from IITs and IISc with a CPI of at least 8.0 (7.5 for SC/ST candidates) will be granted a waiver from GATE requirement. However they will have to appear for a written test and interview, where they will be tested on programming skills and knowledge of basic CS subjects.
  • Candidates in the Sponsored M.Tech programme category must be a regular employee of the sponsoring organization with at least 2 (two) years of professional experience in the respective field. The candidate must bring a letter during the interview confirming the employer’s agreement to sponsoring the programme for the candidate.
  • Prior research exposure and/or industry experience are also considered while selecting candidates in the sponsored and 3-year (RA) categories.
  • Candidates still to appear in their qualifying degree examinations may also apply, provided they appear in all their qualifying degree examinations and complete all requirements for their degrees at least a month before the joining semester. If selected, such candidates shall be admitted provisionally, and they will have to furnish the results of their qualifying degree examinations on joining. Further, they must fulfill the minimum requirements of marks/CPI, and other conditions like valid GATE score, etc., as mentioned under eligibility criteria for respective programmes. Failure to fulfill any of these requirements shall automatically result in cancellation of admission.
  • The department reserves the right to set any cut off criteria for shortlisting the candidates. The shortlisted candidates will be called for exam/interview as required. The department reserves the right to conduct interviews for admission to the 2-year M.Tech programme even if the applicant has a valid GATE score. The department has the right not to select any if appropriate candidates are not found.

The following certificates are to be produced by the candidates in original at the time of interview for verification:

  1. Degree / Diploma Certificates or provisional certificates from the competent authority of the University or Institute concerned. (In case of candidates whose result are awaited, producing the mark sheets / grade card will be sufficient. However, if selected, they have to produce the certificate mentioned, for verification, at the time of admission)
  2. All Mark sheets / Grade Cards of your qualifying examinations
  3. OBC/SC/ST Certificate, if applicable
  4. Sponsorship Letter, if applicable
  5. Publications, if applicable
  6. No objection certificate from the present employer, if applicable