[CS5350] Bayesian Data Analysis

[CS1340] Discrete Structure -II

[CS6220] Topics In Networks

[CS6520] Data Intelligence and Analytics

[CS5400] Probabilistic model checking

[CS6140] Video content Analysis

[CS5320] Distributed Computing

[EE1110] Applied Digital Logic Design

[CS5370] Deep Learning for Vision

[CS5380] Introduction to Wireless Networks

[ID1054] Digital Fabrication

[CS6260] Topics in Wireless Networks

[CS5610] Computational Number theory and Algebra

[CS5390] Algorithmic Techniques for Massive Data

[CS1353] Introduction to Data Structures

[CS6670] Topics in Data Mining

[CS5360] Advanced Computer Architecture

[CS2410- CS2] Theory of Computation and Introduction to  Complexity Theory

[CS4010] Software Engineering

[MA1110] Calculus -I

[CS5333] Computer and Network Security

[CS6300] Topics in Compiler Optimization

[CS3523] Operating System -II

[CS6420] Topics in Deep Learning

[CS6410] Software Verification

[CS3320] Compilers -I

[CS3530-CS3] Computer Networks I and II

[CS5260] Compiler Optimizations

[CS2433] Principles of Programming Languages -II

[CS2443] Algorithms

[CS3563} Introduction to DBMS -II

[CYXXXX] CY Electives

[LAXXXX] LA Electives