1. Is the EMDS degree equivalent to a regular MTech degree? Can I use this degree to apply for PhD degree in the future?
IIT Hyderabad has permission from MHRD to conduct this EMDS programme as an MTech programme. Since this is a new programme all institutes may not consider this as equivalent to regular MTech. In IIT Hyderabad we consider it as equivalent to regular MTech.

2. I didn’t apply for the admission during standard dates? Is there a way I can get into the EMDS programme?
No, please wait for next round of admissions. Check our website for updates.

3. I have not been selected after the admission test. Is there any waiting list?

4. How often do we need to visit the campus in this programme?
It depends on the courses you registered and instructors. Typically, you need to visit the campus 1-2 times in a semester which would be announced quite early for you to plan your visits.

5. What is the difference between EMDS and a regular MTech programme?
EMDS is primarily a two-year course based program with each course having its own project component. On the other hand, in regular MTech there is a significant research component, where students typically do course work in the first year and then do research in the the second year.

6. How are the classes held in this programme?
We use Vidyo video conferencing system to conduct online (live) classes over the weekends. As a backup, we also provide polycom service where students can join using our toll-free telephone number.  

7. What is the per semester course work in this programme?
Typically per semester we offer 2-3 courses. Students are required to attend 2 lectures per week of 3 hours each during the weekend. Mostly these classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, and 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm. Apart from the lectures, students are expected to put in 10 hours of effort every week to understand the lecture material and do assignments.

8. What should I do if I am not able to handle all the courses that are required to be done in a semester?
One is allowed to take fewer number of courses per semester. However, in the 1st - 4th semesters one is required to pay the fees for all the two/three courses that are typically offered in a semester. From 5th - 8th semester one can take the courses that one has missed in the first four semester by paying an additional per semester registration fee.

9. Is it possible for someone to go through the program if he is not staying in Hyderabad?
Yes. The courses are conducted remotely. You just need to visit the campus 1-2 times in a semester. The dates would be announced quite early for you to plan the visits.

10. I am from branches other than CS/EE/IT/ECE. Am i eligible for EMDS course if I have experience in same field?
No. This programme is quite programming intensive. It would be difficult for people without CS background to do the programming required in the courses.

11. I am staying outside Hyderabad. Could you please let me know is there is any test center outside Hyderabad or if any provision for online test?
No, there is no provision for online test. The candidate needs to come to IIT Hyderabad for the test.