Invited Talk by Dr. Chiranjib Sur on "Bits to Barrels – New ways of Computing in the Energy Industry."

Title:  Bits to Barrels – New ways of Computing in the Energy Industry
SpeakerDr. Chiranjib Sur of Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore
Host Faculty: Dr. Sathya Peri
Room No: LH2 (A-block)
Time:02:00  pm

Efficiently using (super)computers for solving scientific and industrial problems is the role of scientific computing. It lies at the intersection of high-performance-computing (HPC), physics, numerical methods & algorithms. The use of scientific computing in Shell is pervasive, especially in seismic processing, reservoir simulation or computational chemistry just to name a few. 

In this presentation, I will give an overview of the kind of non-conventional computational effort which is required in the oil and gas industry to meet the energy demand for modern era. The presentation will outline problems from different areas – ranging from micro to macro scale. I will touch upon areas like material simulation in quantum / classical scale, fluid structure interaction, numerical techniques to model oil reservoir and also about geophysical imaging of subsurface. Some of the problems can be classified as purely high performance number crunching and some are driven by data and analytics.

These problems are very challenging to solve on their own and it certainly needs attention from experts in cross discipline - both from domain and computer science.

I will also talk about other community efforts in this areas which might be of interests to the community.

Speaker's Bio:

Dr. Chiranjib Sur, a seasoned leader in high performance scientific computing, is a computational astrophysicist by training with 15+ years of experience in academia and industrial R&D. 

Chiranjib has worked in wide variety of areas starting from laboratory astrophysics, material science, computational chemistry, complex fluid flow, scientific visualization, numerical optimization, applied mathematics, machine learning, system software development for HPC systems and few others. He has 3 granted patents and he has published more than 45+ technical papers in different international scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. He has also been plenary and keynote speakers in many national and international conferences and workshops. He serves the editorial board as review editor of Frontiers of Computational Physics Journal in addition to his services as regular referee for the American Physical Society Journals, Institute of Physics (UK) journals and European Physical journal.

Currently, Chiranjib is serving as general chair and member of the steering committee of the IEEE conference on High Performance Computing, Data and Analytics (HiPC - Previously he served as vice-general co-chair and workshop chair at HiPC for last few years.  He is also involved as a program committee member for other international computing conferences in India and also engaged in shaping up the HPC community in India. He has leading the effort of creating the industry academia consortium for computational sciences, data and analytics.

Chiranjib is the 2003 recipient of "ISCA Young Scientist Award" from the Indian Science Congress Association. His biography is listed in Marquis and International Who's Who publications.

He is a member for the technical committee for parallel processing (TCPP) of IEEE Computer Society, Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), the American Physical Society (APS), ACM, Society of petroleum engineers (SPE) and a senior member of IEEE.

After spending many years at high performance computing lab at IBM, Bangalore, the Ohio State University, USA and Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, he is currently working as a senior scientist at the computational centre of excellence at Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore. 

Chiranjib lives in Bengaluru with his daughter, wife, Royal Enfield and a home loan!

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 14:00