Data Informatics Faculty

Large amounts of data are being generated routinely in different different personal, social, commercial, and governmental contexts. These data are typically stored in large data warehouses or data bases. Often from these large repository of data, suitable information are extracted and analyzed to gain insights or provide intelligent decisions.

The Data Informatics Group (DIg) at IIT Hyderabad works at various stages of this pipeline - including but not linited to Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Data Modelling, Data Indexing, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Predictive Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Big data analytics, Human Computer Interaction etc. The group has several faculty members who actively work in the above research areas. It has active funded research projects and partnerships with industry and academia. There are motivated undergradute and postgraduate researchers working under these projects. The group also offers an Executive M.Tech. program in Data Science, exclusively for industry professionals.