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Journal Publications
Maundndra Sankar Desarkar, Sudeshna Sarkar, and Pabitra Mitra: "Preference Relations Based Unsupervised Rank Aggregation for Metasearch". Expert Systems With Applications (Elsevier). Volume 49, 1 May 2016, Pages 86-98. PDF
K. M. Vamsikrishna, Debi Prosad Dogra, Maundndra Sankar Desarkar: Computer Vision Assisted Palm Rehabilitation With Supervised Learning. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Accepted. PDF
Conference Publications
Manish Singh, Michael Cafarella, H.V. Jagadish: "DBExplorer: Exploratory Search in Databases," in EDBT 2016. PDF
Manish Singh: "Information Exploration in E-Commerce Databases," in Big Data Analytics 2015: pp 41-56 (Invited Article)
Manish Singh, Arnab Nandi, H. V. Jagadish: "Skimmer: Rapid Scrolling of Relational Query Results," in SIGMOD 2012: pp. 181-192 PDF
Manish Singh, Qiang Zhu, H. V. Jagadish: "SWST: A Disk Based Index for Sliding Window Spatio-Temporal Data," in ICDE 2012: pp. 342-253
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