Opensoft Challenge : Inter IIT Techmeet 2015 held at IIT Kharagpur.


There is a good penetration of smart phones in rural areas of India these days. However such areas have sparse or limited network connections (roughly 1-4 hrs of connectivity) with an average speed of 56 Kbps. Under these constraints one has to deliver rich text content like Educational or weather information, videos (3-8MB), audio and images to devices in remote areas.


Developed an Android application (we call it : InfoX) for addressing the challenges in the problem statement.
Application allows a user to set his/her preferences for the type of content (education,politics,sports etc.) he/she wishes to see. Only those type of data is then served to the user. This is one aspect where we make efficient utlitization of limited bandwidth. Also we facilitate automatic recovery of downloads as and when internet connection is available.
Secondy our application is based on the concept of fetch and share. Here not everyone has to download everything. Users in the contact list of a person and also using the application serves as a set of potential peers for a device. So if a peer of a user already has the data he/she wishes to have, it can be obtained through his peer instead of downloading it from server again. Users can share and excahnge data (audio, video, text etc) on a adhoc basis using the Wi-Fi interfaces available in the smartphones. Through these we avoid redundant downloads and optimally utilize sparse network connection.

Tools and Libraries Used:

Below are the UI snapshots of our application:


Hatim Lokhandwala
M.Tech CSE IIT Hyderabad
Adarsh Pugalia
B.Tech ES IIT Hyderabad
Agam Agarwal
B.Tech CSE IIT Hyderabad
Shashank Jaiswal
B.Tech Mech. IIT Hyderabad
Abdul Aziz
B.Tech CSE IIT Hyderabad
We stood second and won silver medal in the event competiting with the teams from
IIT Kharagpur stood first and IIT Kanpur stood third in the event.