Architectural Challenges and Solutions for Collocated LWIP-A Network Layer Perspective

Thomas S Valerrian Pasca PC Amogh Debashisha Mishra Nagamani Dheeravath Anil Kumar Rangisetti Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma Antony Franklin
Abstract: Achieving a tighter level of aggregation between LTE and Wi-Fi networks at the radio access network (aka LTE-Wi-Fi Aggregation or LWA) has become one of the most prominent solutions in the era of 5G to boost network capacity and improve end user's quality of experience. LWA offers flexible resource scheduling decisions for steering user traffic via LTE and Wi-Fi links. In this work, we propose a Collocated LTE/WLAN Radio Level Integration architecture at IP layer (C-LWIP), an enhancement over 3GPP non-collocated ...