If you would like to have a Letter of Recommendation from Kotaro Kataoka.  Please follow the guidance.


  1. You are/were guided by Kotaro Kataoka for M-tech or Ph.D. research.
  2. You have conducted a research project as an extra curricular activity with Kotaro Kataoka and produced a significant and visible outcome (system demonstrations, academic papers and etc.) by the beginning of 7th semester for B-tech.


  1. Only up to 6 recommendation letters will be provided.
  2. You must waive the right to access the submitted letters.
  3. You must request the recommendation letters at least one month before the first submission deadline.
  4. If you have not conducted any research project with Kotaro Kataoka, the observation of your research skill will not be fully described in the letter.
  5. Observation of your social skills and personality, such as punctuality, conscientiousness, cooperativeness, leadership, might be mentioned only if any of them has been consistent and sustained throughout the relationship with Kotaro Kataoka.

Requesting Letter of Recommendation

Please send an e-mail to kotaro[at]iith.ac.in.  Please remind by e-mal AND phone call if no reply comes to you within 72 hours!!  The reply to your e-mail contains the further guidance to initiate the process of recommendation.