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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at IIT Hyderabad is poised for a giant leap through research in cutting-edge computing and technology, while imparting top-class education through innovative pedagogy.  

The department comprises of 18 full-time faculty members and one adjunct faculty from reputed academic and industry backgrounds.

The faculty members are actively engaged in research areas such as data analytics, machine learning, databases, image and video processing, information visualization, formal methods, computational complexity, algorithms, graph theory, networking, IoT, distributed systems, compilers, programming languages, and parallel processing. See the department publications on this page

The department has several state-of-the-art computing facilities for advanced research in the areas of data analytics, networking, databases, cloud computing, etc. Department also has several high-end systems for research and teaching. Also,  see the following pages for more details on the research labs in the department and R&D projects.  The members of the department have several awards and honours to their credit.

The department has regular collaborators both in industry and academia, such as:


The department offers undergraduate B.Tech. program with current annual intake of around 45 students, and postgraduate programs such as 2-Year M.Tech., 3-Year M.Tech., Executive M.Tech in Data Science (EMDS) and Ph.D. For example, in 2017, the department intake was 9 PhD students, 30 MTech students (15 in TA program and 15 in RA program), 35 EMDS students and 45 BTech students. 

The following table shows student strength at CSE department in Aug 2017.

Student Strength at the CSE Department
Program Number of Students
B.Tech 184
M.Tech 136
Ph.D 58

The department has risen in stature over its short existence, evidenced by the fact that it attracts top-ranked students. 

The department students also have a sound placement record. 



The construction for upcoming CSE-EE department building in the permanent campus is expected to start in 2018. The CSE department spans over two six-storey buildings with 92,000 square feet of lab, office, and meeting space. It is designed to be a smart building that is self-sufficient in energy and water conservation, and equipped with all modern amenities and computing facilities. The building structure is designed to be inspiring, on par with designs of the world’s best institutes, to precipitate interaction, creativity, and collaboration.