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02-12-2023 : Applications are invited for Faculty Positions. Last date is 22-12-2023.

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The Department of CSE at IIT Hyderabad invites applications for permanent faculty positions by Indian nationals in all areas of computer science, especially in the following ones: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Computer Architecture, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Computer Graphics/Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, Databases and Information Management, Formal Methods, IoT, Operating Systems, Compilers/Program Analysis and Programming Languages, Software Engineering. Candidates in areas not mentioned above, with a proven record of publishing in top venues, are also welcome to apply. Candidates who are not Indian citizens are also welcomed to apply for visiting faculty positions with a 5-year contract. The recruitment for such candidates will follow the norms laid out by the competent authority and subject to clearance by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

About Us

IIT Hyderabad, one of the IITs established by the Govt of India in 2008, is an Institute of National Importance. It has quickly grown to be one of the best institutions for engineering education and research in the country as evident from NIRF ranking which ranked IIT Hyderabad in the top 10 consistently since 2016. Aided by visionary administration, IIT Hyderabad is gradually carving out a name for itself among the other IITs, and is an exciting place to carry out research today. It has been operating from its permanent campus since October 2015, and has 13 departments with more than 250 faculty and nearly 4000 students, with almost half of them being post-graduate students

Highlights and Achievements

The CSE department offers degree programs from undergraduate to doctoral level. It comprises of morethan 500 students mentored by 25 young and dynamic faculty members, whose research interests span a wide variety of research areas in computer science. The faculty have received substantial sponsored research projects in the application domains of cyber-physical systems, converged cloud radio access networks, big data analytics, smart cities, formal verification, social networks analysis, computer architecture and visual intelligence. They have active research collaborations with various industry partners such as Microsoft Research India, IBM Research, Samsung Research India, Intel, AMD, INRIA, Eurecom, as well as academic partners such as University of Oxford, University of San Diego, University of Pittsburg, University of Swinburne, IISc, IITs etc. Our faculty also have strong publication records in tier-1 venues such as TOPLAS, VLDB, SIGMOD, POPL, KDD, CVPR, NSDI, SOSR, IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TNSM, Neurlps, SODA, STOC, OOPSLA etc.

The department’s students, of whom more than 80 are enrolled in the PhD program, have received several awards in recent years - PMRF PhD Fellowships, Google Fellowships, TCS PhD Fellowships, Intel India PhD Fellowships, COMSNETS Best Paper Award, IEEE HiPC Best Student Paper Award, TCS CodeVita Challenge, Google Summer of Code projects, S N Bose fellowship, Viterbi fellowships to name a few. Our graduated PhD students (within this short span) have obtained prestigious positions, with many already serving as faculty at other IITs, and top institutions like NITs and IIITs.

Research Funding

  • Most of our full time Ph.D. students and masters students are financially supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, therefore, a faculty member need not separately generate funds for their scholarships, although it is highly encouraged to secure competitive research grants.
  • Institute provides some initiation grant up to ₹30 lakh (1 lakh=1hundred thousand=100000)
  • Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA) of ₹3 lakh for every block of 3 years is provided to facilitate travel for conferences, collaborations and membership to professional bodies. CPDA can also be used to purchase books and for other research related activities.
  • CSE department provides approx. ₹75000 every year for research development fund to every faculty through its MDS programme.
  • Some portion of institute overheads of a sponsored project of the faculty is given in his/her research development fund.
  • IIT Hyderabad facilitates applying for Ramanujan Fellowship (consisting of research grant of ₹7 lakh per annum for 5 years) by deserving faculty candidates.
  • IIT Hyderabad facilitates applying for SERB SRG (consisting of research grant up to ₹30 lakh) awarded by SERB for young faculty members.
  • Several other Central Govt funding agencies such as Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research etc., provide generous funding to deserving research proposals.
  • A faculty members can generate funds by taking up consultancy work with industry or organization of workshops (such as TEQIP , GIAN and TLC).
  • The aforementioned research funds can be used to recruit postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, MTech (RA) - a research-intensive Master’s program, or research staff.
  • The institute supports one international conference travel and two national conference travels for PhD students and one national conference travel for undergrad students in addition to what can be funded by their corresponding supervisors or fellowships.

Salary and Benefits

  • The salary structure for faculty members would be as per this notification of MHRD.
  • Salary structure as on 11th March 2022 is the following: Basic Pay + DA (Dearness Allowance) + (TA) Transport Allowance + HRA (House Residence Allowance). Gross Salary at IIT Hyderabad would be : Basic Pay + DA (31% of Basic Pay as on 11 March 2022) + HRA (27% of Basic Pay - if not availing campus accommodation) + TA (7200) + DA on TA (31% as on 11 March 2022). Basic Pay is revised annually as per government norms. The current norm is to increment Basic Pay by approximately 3% every year.
  • Assistant Professor Grade II : At entry level, Basic Pay ₹98200. Faculty members with 3 years of relevant experience get converted to Assistant Professor Grade I after an assessment. Gross salary including HRA at entry level would be approximately ₹164588 per month and excluding HRA at entry level would be approximately ₹138074.
  • Assistant Professor Grade I : At entry level, Basic Pay ₹101500. Gross Salary including HRA would be approximately ₹169802 per month and excluding HRA would be approximately ₹142397 per month. After 3 years at the Assistant Professor Grade I level, faculty members automatically move to level 13A1 with entry level Basic Pay of ₹131400. Approximate gross pay at this level including HRA would be ₹217044 and excluding HRA would be ₹181566.
  • Associate Professor: At entry level, Basic Pay = ₹139600. Gross Salary including HRA would be approximately ₹230000 per month and excluding HRA would be approximately ₹192308.
  • Professor: At entry level, Basic Pay = ₹159100. Gross Salary including HRA would be approximately ₹260810 per month and excluding HRA would be approximately ₹217853.
  • Additional salary is provided to faculty members offering courses in EMDS/MDS programme offered by CSE department.
  • Telephone/Internet expense reimbursement allowance as declared by competent authority from time to time.
  • Child Education allowance of ₹27000 per year per child.
  • Other benefits such as LTC (leave travel concession) as per central government norms. The present norm for LTC allows reimbursement for travel to home town for self and family every year for the first two blocks of 4 years. After that, LTC is allowed twice in a block of 4 years. In a 4 year block, one of the home town LTC can be converted to travel anywhere in India.
  • National Pension Scheme (NPS) subscription as per government norms. At present 10% of Basic Pay + DA must be mandatorily contributed by the employee and the employer provides 14% of the Basic pay + DA to be deposited in NPS.
  • Leaves are allowed as per central government norms.
  • Medical cover including consultation and hospitalization for all faculty members and their dependents as per CGHS norms.
  • Relocation allowance given for a new faculty member as per institute norms. Current norms offer up to ₹100000 for domestic relocation and up to ₹100,000 for international relocation. This allowance can be used for relocation of self, family and transportation of household goods.


  • Day-care facility is available for kids of the faculty at IITH campus.
  • For school education of kids of IITH faculty/staff/students, there is an on-campus DAV school for classes pre KinderGarten to 10th.
  • IIT Hyderabad has a supercomputer with 650 TFlops computational capability under National Supercomputing Mission.
  • The department has been awarded FIST grant of ₹2.2 crore for infrastructure upgrade and purchase of equipments for research purposes.
  • Substantial research funding (in a few millions INR) is available through JICA funding to purchase high-end research equipments.

For more details on the department and its activities, please visit

Minimum Qualifications

  • The candidates should have a Ph.D. in Computer Science or other related fields from an institute of high academic repute.
  • All applicants are expected to have strong research and teaching skills with a proven track record of research excellence.

How to Apply?

Please check this link for eligibility criteria, application form and other guidelines

In addition to the application form, your application package must consist of the following:

  • Your latest CV which includes contact details of at least 3 referees. For those applying to Associate Professor and Professor positions, should also contain details about student guidance (at masters and doctoral levels), sponsored projects or other funding obtained as PI or co-PI and post-PhD research experience and other research related activities.
  • List of publications along with DOI links to each publication. It is encouraged that additional information for each publication such as impact factor, core ranking, citations etc., is provided. Provide also URL to your Google Scholar profile.
  • One page teaching statement highlighting new courses that you wish to propose as well as which existing courses at UG and PG level (please see curriculum from our web page) you will be willing to teach.
  • Research statement which should contain your immediate and long term research goals.
  • Copies of 3 of your recent publications with yourself as a key contributor that you consider highlights your research aptitude in the best manner

Application package has to be submitted via online on the Application Portal. Please see the IIT wide advertisement details here. If you would like to visit the department, let us know. After initial scrutiny, the department will be pleased to invite you and cover domestic air travel and local hospitality.