Welcome to the Digital Learning Hub of IITH’s CSE Department

Moodle at CSE, IITH

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is our robust, versatile platform designed to enhance the learning experience for students and faculty at the CSE department of IITH. Moodle empowers our community by providing a centralized space for all course-related activities, ensuring a seamless and efficient academic journey.

CLuster and Undercloud at CSE, IITH


The CSE department has taken a significant stride in optimizing its server infrastructure by developing Slurm, an in-house cluster management and job scheduling system. This innovative solution has been seamlessly integrated, with an impressive 95% of the department’s servers now operating within the Slurm ecosystem.

By harnessing the capabilities of Slurm, the department has achieved a more responsive and agile computing environment, where researchers, students, and faculty members can easily access the computational power they require for their projects and experiments. This not only enhances productivity but also promotes collaboration and innovation within the department.

Unlock Limitless Computing Potential at CSE! Our Advanced Infrastructure features Dual Master and Login Nodes, Twelve High-Performance Computer Nodes with DGX Servers, and an Ansible Controller for Seamless Management. Powered by SLURM and equipped with NAS storage options ranging 2TB, 9.6TB and 70TB, along with a blazing-fast 100G Mellanox switch, this setup is tailored for Students and Faculty to seamlessly tackle high-end computational tasks

MAAS (Metal as a Service)

Simplify CSE Infrastructure Management with MAAS (Metal as a Service). Effortlessly deploy, manage, and scale Ubuntu-based servers in the Data Center. Achieve efficient resource utilization and seamless scalability with zero-touch provisioningv ˜ Automated OS installation, static IP, DNS setup on server… ˜ Automated hardware health monitoring and logging.

Onboarded servers web interface

Over Cloud at CSE, IITH


The department has created a dynamic and scalable private cloud environment that caters to a wide array of computing needs. This private cloud serves as a versatile platform for hosting applications, services, and virtualized resources, all managed in-house. Researchers, students, and faculty members now have seamless access to on-demand computing capabilities, enabling them to explore and experiment with various technologies, conduct research, and engage in collaborative projects.

Moreover, the OpenStack-based private cloud ensures data security and compliance with the department’s specific requirements. It also offers a self-service portal, simplifying resource provisioning and management for users, while allowing administrators to maintain granular control over the cloud infrastructure.