• Update 10-04-2017: The list of selected interns can be seen here. The selected interns will be contacted directly by the faculty with whom they would do the internship.
  • Update 01-04-2017: Announcement of selected candidates will be done on 10-04-2017.

Computer Science and Engineering  Department at IIT Hyderabad is active in research areas including theoretical computer science, algorithms, graph theory, networking, parallel & distributed computing, databases, data mining, information retrieval, compilers, machine learning, and image/video processing. The department offers structured summer internship program between May - July every year. Selected interns will get the opportunity to work closely with highly talented researchers to:

  • Create and deliver innovative technical solutions
  • Publish papers in top conferences and journals
  • Contribute to the generation of patents
  • Pursue breakthrough research in a challenging and stimulating environment

The department offers internship under the following schemes:

  • MSR funded internship
  • Summer internship
  • Winter internship

For summer of 2017, we are offering Microsoft Research (MSR) India sponsored internships and summer internships. 


internship info


Important Dates


  1. Selected candidates will have to report at IITH on the reporting date with necessary documents. We may tolerate a delay of 2-3 days for exceptional reasons such as exams, if communicated well in advance.
  2. One has to work for at least 8 weeks to receive stipend from the funded internships.


  • Submit your online application here. The deadline has passed
  • Faculty profiles can be found here
  • Faculty research details can be found here


1. Do the students have a flexibility in joining date?
The intern has to join the program before 31st May, and should spend at least 8 weeks.
2. Any accommodation will be provided to participants of SI?
On request
3. What is the typical stipend?
15K (INR) for 10 weeks. If an intern stays only for 8 weeks, he/she gets 12K; for 9 weeks, 13.5K. You need to pay for boarding and lodging. This stipend is paid in both MSR and project sponsored interns.