Invited Talk by Dr. Sriram Raghavan on Digital Forensics

Title of the Talk: Digital Forensics
Speaker:Dr. Sriram Raghavan
Date &Time:16th December 2013
Venue: Room No-121

Speaker Profile:
Sriram Raghavan is a Security and Forensic Consultant with Secure Cyber Space from where he consults on many issues the areas of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Sriram has been a working in the area of digital forensics for over 7 years and specializes in the determination of associations among digital evidence for the purposes of evidence compositions and event reconstruction in Forensic Analysis. Sriram Raghavan is a passionate researcher and a keen analyst with particular mathematical focus. His focus is on developing simple and elegant solutions for today’s security challenges. He believes that awareness is the key to understanding and is keen to develop human resource in the areas of cybersecurity and forensics. Sriram Raghavan has been an invited researcher at several International Institutes across the world including The University of Vienna in Austria, SUNY Buffalo in the USA and Queensland University of Technology in Australia and IIT Delhi. Sriram Raghavan has also been a part of the vibrant IT industry since 2006 in various roles. He has been part of the core mobile research group at Intel Technologies, India working on Ultra mobile devices on low power Intel x86 platforms. He was the Chief Technical Architect for Nora Solutions, CA on launching their Business Intelligence solutions and the Chief Systems Architect for Linlan P&L, Brisbane for their distress signaling systems solution on mobile devices. In addition, he has been the Lead Designer and Developer for multiple projects at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane for automating forensic analysis on heterogeneous data sources and developing a calibration system for various types of DDoS attacks. Sriram Raghavan is an avid speaker and has given delivered lectures on various aspects of Digital Forensics, Information Security, Networking, Computer Architecture, Mobile Computing, Multi-agent systems and Machine Learning. His audience includes Intel Technologies India, University of Vienna, Austria, IDRBT Hyderabad, National Institute of Advanced Studies Bangalore, IIT Madras, and various CSI chapters. In addition to his academic interests, Sriram Raghavan has been an avid system designer and software developer with over 12 years of experience in several programming languages including C, C++, Java, HTML, Javascript, Python and PHP. Sriram can be reached

Monday, December 16, 2013 - 00:00