Best cloud innovator of the year in cloud management

Maruthi Inukonda (PhD Scholar) advised by Dr.Sparsh and Dr.Bheemarjunareddy at IIT Hyderabad has come up with a solution architecture for bare-metal as a service cloud using community edition of opensource software MAAS, InfluxDB, Jenkins, Grafana for improving agility and decreasing opex. Passionate B.Tech students Sai Harsha Kottapalli, Pothugunta Chaitanya Janakie, Krishna Prashanth Thummanapelly and Nikhil Reddy developed a Dhi-ojas software to create the solution. Computer Center team onboarded 110 servers belonging to various tenants to the cloud. By using community editions of opensource, the team is saving about 1.2cores INR per annum in software procurement and maintenance costs. This work is recognized as “Best cloud innovator of the year in cloud management” by CCICI at XaaS cloud conference.

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