Machine Learning Applications in Cloud Analytics and Visualization of Complex Systems

Machine Learning Applications in Cloud Analytics and Visualization of Complex Systems

Title of Talk: Machine Learning Applications in Cloud Analytics and Visualization of Complex Systems
Speaker: Dr. Prasad Saripalli
Date &Time: Tuesday (Jul 7) from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Venue: Room 132
Host Faculty: Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian


This talk offers an overview and introduction to Machine Learning with an emphasis on Enterprise applications and reasons why ML is currently a practice of great interest. It will then introduce key methods of ML including Classification, Clustering and Association Rules, with examples from my teaching of this course. It then presents 6 different applied analytics methods which were developed for Cloud (SaaS) Analytics and Visualization of complex systems.

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Prasad is CTO and Vice President (Engineering) of, provider of Military-grade Security as a Service for Cloud and Big Data platforms, and recently the CTO and Executive Vice President of ClipCard, the global leader in Visual Analytics for Big Data as a Cloud-based service. Recently, he served IBM as the Chief Architect for IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise ( Prior to joining IBM, Prasad Saripalli was the Vice President of Product Development at Runaware, a 14 year old Cloud vendor based out of Florida, US and with global data centers hosting SaaS for Fortune 500 to SMB customers worldwide. Prasad’s recent work included building innovative, integrated product architectures using virtualization and distributed systems as their foundation, and also research & publishing in cloud computing as a member of IBM Research. In addition to building partnerships to ensure seamless, complete user experiences for cloud and virtualization customers in different verticals with unique needs, his goals were to enable the existing and legacy IT infrastructures to seamlessly and securely integrate with the new cloud applications. Recently, Prasad was the Principal Group Program Manager on Microsoft’s Client Virtualization team which was responsible for shipping Virtual PC7 and Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 and components of Hyper-V. Prior to that, he was a Dev Manager on the Citrix group which built Citrix Presentation Server (now known as Citrix XenApp). He has also served as a Senior Research Scientist with Battelle, world’s largest R&D provider, building innovative software and technologies for oil, water, biomedical/health, energy and climate change applications in collaboration with major research institutions. Prasad has doctoral training separately in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Florida, and post-doctoral training from the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for Computational and Engineering Sciences (ICES), and teaches courses in Virtualization and Visualization (Graphics), and advises researchers in Distributed Systems as a visiting faculty member at Reykjavik University, Iceland; IIIT, Hyderabad, and earlier at IIT, Madras. He served as the chair-person of IEEE Decision Support Systems for Cloud Computing and serves on international panels (IEEE) at Cloud conferences and forums.

Dates: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 11:30 to 12:30