Invited talk by Professor Ravi Vatrapu on Social Set Analysis- A Set-Theoretical Approach to Computational Social Science

Invited talk by Professor Ravi Vatrapu on Social Set Analysis: A Set-Theoretical Approach to Computational Social Science

Title: Social Set Analysis: A Set-Theoretical Approach to Computational Social Science
Speaker: Prof. Ravi Vatrapu
Host Faculty: Dr.Sobhan Babu
Room No: 119(Academic block A)
Time: 14:00


Current research projects at the Computational Social Science Laboratory (, Copenhagen Business School are addressing an academic research gap and real-world industry need to describe, model, analyse and explain large-scale interactions on organisations’ social media channels as individuals’ associations to ideas, values, identities etc. Towards this end, we are developing and evaluating a set-theoretical approach to big data analytics termed “Social Set Analysis” (SSA). Social Set Analysis consists of three primary research activities:

(a) theorising, modelling, and collecting big social data about organisations (e.g., Danish Cancer Society’s official Facebook page);

(b) combining those big social data sets with in-house organisational data sets (e.g., Customer Relationship Management systems); and finally

(c) analysing the combined datasets by applying set theoretical methods and tools (crisp sets, fuzzy sets, rough sets, random sets and Bayesian sets). This talk will outline the SSA approach, report selected empirical findings, discuss implications and limitations, identify challenges and sketch future research directions.

Speaker’s Bio:

Ravi Vatrapu is a professor of human computer interaction at the Department of IT Management, Copenhagen Business School; professor of applied computing at the Westerdals Oslo School of Arts Communication and Technology; and director of the Computational Social Science Laboratory Prof. Vatrapu’s current research focus is on big social data analytics. Based on the enactive approach to the philosophy of mind and phenomenological approach to sociology and the mathematics of classical, fuzzy and rough set theories, his current research program seeks to design, develop and evaluate a new holistic approach to computational social science, Social Set Analytics (SSA). SSA models social media interactions as associations to ideas, values and social actors and consists of novel formal models, predictive methods and visual analytics tools for big social data.

Prof. Vatrapu holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Computer Science and Applications from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Systems Engineering from Andhra University.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 14:00 to 15:00