Invited talk by Dr. Parasara Duggirala on Dynamic Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems

Invited talk by Dr. Parasara Duggirala on Dynamic Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems

Title: Dynamic Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems
Speaker: Dr.Parasara Duggirala
Host Faculty: Dr.M V Panduranga Rao
Room No: 317
Time: 15:30


Progress in computation and communication technologies has made it easier to integrate software in all walks of life. The social, economical, and environmental benefits of integrating software into avenues such as avionics, automotives, power grid, and medicine lead to the rise of CPS as an important area of research. However, bugs in software systems deployed in such safety-critical scenarios can lead to loss of property and in some cases life. In this talk, I will present dynamic analysis technique for formally verifying annotated Cyber-Physical Systems and prove the absence of bugs. The annotations, called discrepancy functions, are extensions of proof certificates for analyzing convergence or divergence of systems. One of the key advantages of dynamic analysis is that it leverages the testing procedures which are the only known scalable way of ensuring the system specification. I have developed a tool C2E2 that implements this technique and verifies temporal properties of CPS. C2E2 has been applied to verify alerting mechanisms in parallel aircraft landing protocol developed by NASA and to verify specification of powertrain control system presented as a verification challenge problem by Toyota.

Speaker’s Bio:

Parasara Sridhar Duggirala is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Connecticut (UConn). His main research interests are in Cyber-Physical Systems, Formal Methods, and Control Theory. His paper on Safety Verification of Linear Control Systems won the best paper award at the International Conference on Embedded Software (conducted as part of ESWeek) 2013. His work on verification of powertrain control systems has won the “Most Promising Benchmark Results” prize at Applied Verification For Continuous And Hybrid Systems workshop conducted as part of CPSWeek 2015. He also received Feng Chen Memorial Award in Software Engineering from the Department of Computer Science at UIUC, and has also been selected as a Young Research to attend Heidelberg Laureate Forum where he got a chance to meet his favorite turing award winner John Hopcroft. He did internships at NEC Labs America and SRI International. He received his B.Tech (in 2009) from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 15:30 to 16:30