Invited Talk by Dr. Sunil Sherlekar on Basic Research, IP Protection & Startups- What We Should Do in India

Invited Talk by Dr. Sunil Sherlekar on Basic Research, IP Protection & Startups: What We Should Do in India

Title: Basic Research, IP Protection & Startups: What We Should Do in India.
Speaker: Dr.Sunil Sherlekar
Host Faculty: Dr.Sathya Peri
Room No: 119
Time: 17:30 -18:30

Abstract: The talk will make a case for basic research, for protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and for starting high-tech companies. All in the context of our country. A framework for technology planning will be presented. Examples from personal experience will be drawn for illustration.

Speaker’s Bio:

Sunil Sherlekar is the Chairman and CEO of SankhyaSutra Labs Pvt Ltd, a company incubated in JNCASR Bangalore. The company is focused on scientific computing with an initial emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is also proposer of and a member of the Technology Mission for Indian Railways announced in the Railway Budget in 2015.

From Sept. 2010 to April 2015, Dr Sherlekar was the Director of Parallel Computing Research at Intel Labs in Bangalore. Earlier he was the Founder & Head of Research at Tata Computational Research Labs in Pune (2006-2010), the Head of Embedded Systems R&D at Tata Consultancy Services (2002-2006), the CTO at Sasken Communication Technologies (1992-2002) and on the faculty of Computer Science & Engg. at IIT Bombay (1982-1992).

Dr Sherlekar has a B. Tech. (Elect. Engg.) a M. Tech. (Computer Science & Engg.) and a Ph D. all from IIT Bombay. He has published several papers in the areas of Electronic Design Automation and VLSI Signal Processing, High-Performance Scientific Computing and a book on VLSI Signal Processing. He was an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans on VLSI, on the Steering Committees of ASPDAC and International Conf on VLSI Design and on the Executive Committee of India Semiconductor Association.

Dr Sherlekar’s current areas of research interest lie in modelling of physical systems and design of algorithms and data structures for extracting optimal performance from modern evolving hardware.

Dr Sherlekar is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, an Adjunct Professor at IIT Bombay and an Adjunct Professor of the Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (set up by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India).

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 17:30 to 18:30