Invited Talk by Ms. Merike Kaeo on Managing Security Risks In Today's Complex Landscape

Title: Managing Security Risks In Today’s Complex Landscape
Speaker: Ms. Merike Kaeo, CEO of Double Shot Security
Host Faculty: Dr. M V Panduranga Rao
Room No: Auditorium , academic block A
Time: 10:00

The cyber security challenges are continuing to grow but we must look at how to ensure that the most basic security mechanisms are operationalized. Cyber security frameworks provide the necessary tools to start having the dialogue on what to secure and certifications create some measure of accountability. Yet we still have daily breaches and successful cybercrime campaigns. This talk will focus on how and what to operationalize when building out a more effective security strategy.

Speaker Bio:

Merike Kaeo is the CEO of Double Shot Security, a company whose focus is to engage with international policy and corporate leadership teams to provide strategic directions for information security and privacy initiatives. Till recently, she worked as the Chief Technology Officer of Farsight Security - a threat intelligence company. She is a recognized global expert in information security and authored a book “Designing Network Security,” which unified technology, policy and operational considerations to secure network infrastructures. Prior to that, Merike served as Chief Information Security Officer for Internet Identity (IID) - a cyber-threat data company, where she created the strategic direction for improving and evolving the corporate security posture. Merike led the first security initiative for Cisco in the mid-1990s. Merike is on Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Security and Stability Advisory Council (SSAC). She holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University and a Bachelor degree from Rutgers University.

Dates: Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 10:00